Diane Bubanko

Diane grasped an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age and continues to thrive being her own boss. From selling silver dollar branches at the Welland Farmer’s Market to operating a home daycare to internationally marketing ProCurl, a computer curling game, to 25 years of political/business/non-profit consulting. Today she is the owner of db Strategies Inc. and under that umbrella she is an innkeeper at Jordan Station’s Centennial House Bed and Breakfast, an artisan baker of Mistletoe Fruitcake and continues to offer management and administrative services. She’s a true believer in the value of a database and encouraging society to see the best in people. Stay tuned as Diane plans to one day kick back with a glass of Niagara’s white wine to watch her written script acted out on the big screen.

db Strategies Inc.
3985 Fifteenth Street
Jordan Station, Ontario
Phone: 289-407-6269

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