By Julie Vanden Byllaardt | Executive Member of Grimsby Toastmasters

Good communication is at the heart of what you do: branding, social media and outreach, sales pitches, and networking – and can influence whether your business is a wild success or a massive flop. Effective communication is crucial to foster good working relations and achieve your business goals in an efficient manner. Therefore, transform your business and help it reach its full potential by honing in on your communication skills.

6 Components of Good Communication

Have effective body language – Exude confidence when pitching your next idea, when speaking to potential buyers, and networking. Subtle signs can completely change how your message is conveyed. A whopping sixty percent of all communication is non-verbal!

Be authentic – Authenticity builds rapport and trust with your customers and employees, which leads to loyalty.

Give and receive feedback – Learn to create a new energy from feedback and give kind and effective advice to employees, even in difficult situations.

Give value – Bring positive ideas to the table, pause and think of how you can add value to a conversation.

2-way communicate – Are you listening to your customers? You may think so, but in reality, you may be missing some vital points. Learn to actively listen in a conversation.

Speak with clarity – Tone, speed, speaking for too long can change how an audience receives your message. Make the most out of what you’re saying by improving your speech patterns. When under pressure, we often aren’t aware of how we are speaking.

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Julie Vanden Byllaardt is an Executive Member and Treasurer of the Grimsby Toastmasters Club. The club is a member of the Grimsby and Lincoln Chambers of Commerce. Julie can help you build confidence and communication skills in a fun and informative way. She will help you gain real, practical experience to further your networking skills and ease social anxiety.

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